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Nationwide Annuity Reviews

Nationwide, with its roots dating back to 1926 as the Farm Bureau Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, has evolved into a Fortune 100 company, offering a wide range of financial services, including annuities. The company, headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, controls over $295 billion in assets and has a significant presence in the insurance and retirement planning sectors.

Nationwide offers a diverse array of annuity products to cater to varying investment needs and goals. These include:

Variable Annuities: These are suitable for investors willing to take on market risk for potentially higher returns. Examples of Nationwide variable annuity products include the Nationwide Advisory Retirement Income Annuity (NARIA), Nationwide Destination B 2.0, and Soloist, among others.

Fixed Annuities: These offer a safer way to grow money, being immune to market volatility. They allow for tax-deferred earnings and can guarantee income for life. Nationwide’s fixed annuity product is Nationwide Secure Growth.

Fixed Index Annuities: Balancing growth potential and protection, these annuities provide long-term savings options, tax deferral on earnings, and principal protection in a down market. Products in this category include Nationwide New Heights Select series and Nationwide Peak series.

Immediate Annuities and Fixed-Immediate Annuities: Nationwide offers the INCOME Promise Select, which converts a lump-sum contribution into a guaranteed source of income for life or a set period.

Registered Index-Linked Annuities (RILAs): These offer tax-deferred savings with more growth potential than fixed-indexed annuities, but less risk than variable annuities. The Nationwide Defined Protection Annuity is an example.

Nationwide's annuities are backed by strong financial strength ratings, with AM Best rating it A+, Moody’s A1, and Standard & Poor’s A+. Additionally, Nationwide is recognized for its customer satisfaction, ranking 3rd in a J.D. Power study. The company's variable annuity offerings are particularly notable, featuring products with unique features like the Monument Advisor, which has over 350 investment options.

In our commitment to providing unbiased, data-driven analysis, we have thoroughly reviewed several Nationwide Annuities. Our reviews take a deep dive into the intricate components of each annuity product, examining key factors such as the indexes used, crediting methods, cap and participation rates, surrender charge schedules, rider options, the overall financial strength of the company, and much more.

Our purpose is to simplify the complex world of annuities for you, transforming complex financial jargon into clear, actionable information. So, whether you are a novice investor trying to understand the basics, an experienced investor seeking advanced financial strategies, or an advisor searching for in-depth analysis, our Nationwide Annuities reviews can cater to your needs.

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