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Jackson National Life Insurance Company® (“Jackson®“) is a leading provider of retirement solutions.  It has a long and successful track record of providing advisers with the product, tools and support they need to design effective retirement solution for their clients. Jackson also provides asset management and retail brokerage services through its subsidiaries and affiliates. Jackson annuities are among the most complete annuity product offering across the United States.


jackson annuities


Jackson Annuities Company Profile

Jackson National Life Insurance Company® (“Jackson®“) is a family-owned company that has evolved into a diversified retirement service provider. This company is named after Andrew Jackson, the seventh president of United States. Jackson started its journey in 1961 and sells their first policy in the same year. Since 1995, Jackson has broadened its product line up by including various types of annuity products. In 2010, Jackson’s International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) asset exceeds and in 2011 Jackson achieves record sales and deposits of $22.9 billion and record IFRS net income of $683 million. By acquiring Reassure America Life Insurance Company in 2012 Jackson incease its policy count to more than 4 million.


Jackson Products

Jackson is a pioneer in retirement solution providing industry. Jackson offers a wide range of retirement policies, asset management and retail brokerage services. It also offers variable, fixed and fixed index annuities in all US states except New York. Variable and fixed annuities are available for purchase in New York through Jackson of NY. Jackson designed two primary distribution outlets: Jackson National Life Distributors LLC and the Institutional Products department to wholesale and distribute their products to independent and regional agents and to institutional investors respectively.


Jackson Annuities

Jackson annuity product offering is quite diversified. They also offer several side benefits such as:

#1 Competitive Interest Rate – Jackson annuities are among the best annuity rates

#2 Range of Income Options – Jackson annuities offers life or term certain fixed annuities to meet your retirement needs.

#3 Death Benefit Protection – Jackson annuities can be protected against premature death of the annuity client.


You can pretty much find everything you need within Jackson annuity portfolio. They also offer a great annuity resource page on their website and explains who should consider annuities.


Jackson Awards

Jackson National Life Insurance Company® (“Jackson®“) has an award-winning team. The company has been recognized for its wholesaling, customer service, marketing, workplace culture and community support. They have received World Class Customer Satisfaction award from Service Quality Measurement Group, Highest Customer Satisfaction in the Financial Sector award from Service Quality Measurement Group, APEX awards, Grand Award: Electronic Media, Awards of Excellence: Product & Software Manuals, Awards of Excellence: Brochure – Educational, Awards of Excellence: Non-product Kits, Best of Show: Single Item, Sales/Marketing/Branding Promotion Total Budget Less Than $10,000, Awards of Excellence: External Corporate Print Communications, Gold Monitor award for Public Homepage & Navigation and many other awards as well.


Final Thoughts on Jackson Annuities

Since an annuity product adapted to members’ needs allows members to benefit fully from the accumulated amounts throughout their lifetime, it is important to choose the right product from the right company. According to the result of a detail research, Jackson is a very large and well reputed world class company. All of their products are trusted and if you chose a Jackson Annuity product you will definitely be benefited at the end of the day.



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